About company

Lately, the renewable sources of energy supersede the traditional energy sources at growing pace thus strengthening energy independence of the region, as well as improving environment.

Such progress results from launching different state programs aimed at economic stimulation of renewable energy growth. The most growing industry is the solar energy which according to the forecast of experts quite soon will occupy the significant share among other sources of the renewable energy. Since such industry is rather young, we have huge space for technical development and innovative approaches for building solar modules.

The surge of the progressive energy industry development finally reached Ukraine. The adopted amendments to electric power industry law serve to promote investments in solar power stations thanks to special “green” tariff (feed-in tariff) specified for each type of power station.

Our Crystal Energy Company is specialized in the progressive achievements in the sphere of building solar power stations and their proper integration into energy structure of construction site.

The target of the company is the professional realization of customer’s ideas on constructing solar stations into life.  At this, we keep to the rule: without forcing, we help customer impersonally to evaluate the effectiveness of solar power station at customer’s construction site.

Our projects are based on knowledge of the skilled experts and the development work of world leading manufacturers that allow us find optimal solutions on power supply to construction site and in practice implement it on high quality level.

Our Company carries out the full complex support of projects on building solar stations. The customer has no need to search – we shall do all necessary works.