Private premises

Solar power stations for private premises


Solar power station for private premises is the most beneficial variant of applying solar power station. The generated power of such stations is used by private house consumers, and the excess energy is sold at the increased “green” feed-in tariff.


"Green" tariff is the special feed-in tariff applied for purchasing electric power produced on sites from the renewable sources of energy including those on solar power stations of private premises.

Due to “green” tariff, the investment return period is significantly reduced, and the profit from electric power sales is highly increased (2 - 3 times) compared to the standard tariff.


The decrease of planning expenditures is the benefit!

Solar power stations for privates premises will reliably bring regular benefit since would give opportunity to reduce planning expenditures for power consumed from the electric network.

Lifetime of solar power stations (SPS) – not less than 25 years.

Recommended power of such SPS type – from 3 kW to 30 kW.


The example of solar power station for private premises

Power of solar station

Bench-mark data:

The place of solar station mounting

On building’s roof

Required areas for mounting solar modules:

Pitched roof, south pitch with area, not less

150 m²

Flat roof, area, not less

320 m²

Composition of solar power station*:

Solar module, 260 W

84 pcs.

Grid tie inverter, 10 kW

1 pc.

Carcass for solar modules assembled

4 sets

Cables and electric equipment

1 set

Technical-and-economic indexes (average in Ukraine):

Electric power generation per year, kW?hour

12 800


*Note – all data are tentative and given exclusively for studying purpose. Each project will be estimated individually.